Speellijst publieke optredens 2017

1 Oct Staufen (DE) Close-Act at Fabelhaftes Staufen 2017 (option)
10 Sep Munster (DE) Close-Act returns to Munster marathon (option)
9 Sep Riga (LV) Festival White Night Riga, i-Puppets
9-10 Sep Leicester (UK) BirdMen - Per-Q at Harborough Market 2017 (option)
3 Sep Middenbeemster (NL) BlueBirds at sunday market in the city
3 Sep Dendermonde (BE) Bloemencorso/Floral parade, White Wings (option)
2-3 Sep Constanta (RO) Saurus at FITIC Romania-International Festival of Independent Theatre from Constantza (option)  
2-3 Sep Enschede (NL) Proef-Eet, foodfestival 2017, BirdMen (option)
1-3 Sep Hull (UK) Saurus at Freedom Festival 2017
27 Aug Valenciennes (FR) Saurus in valenciennes cityparade (option)
26 Aug Roermond (NL) Saurus at 25th edition of Limburg festival
24-26 Aug Singapore (SIN) GLOBE at 10th Singapore Night Festival
19 Aug Noordwijk (NL) i-Puppets at Cirque des Dunes 2017
16-20 Aug Breckenridge (US) BIFA, international festival of arts, BirdMen & Per-Q
12 Aug Oostende (BE) Saurus at Paulusfeesten/festival

9 Aug Berg en Terblijt (NL) BirdMen at walking event (wandelvierdaagse 2017)
7-12 Aug Bethlehem (US) Musikfest 2017, Per-Q and BirdMen
30 Jul Haapsalu (Estonia) Saurus at Children Culture Festival Lapsepõlvemaagia
28-29 Jul Galway (IE) i-Puppets at Galway International Arts Festival 2017
22-23 Jul Tilburg (NL) BlueBirds at carnival/kermis 2017 (option) 
15-20 Jul Montreal (CA) 375-year Montreal (Vive 375), Per-Q and BirdMen
15-16 Jul Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX) BluBirds & i-Puppets at Escher Street Festival  2017
14-16 Jul Omaha (US) Saurus at Playing with Fire / Omaha children's museum
14-16 Jul Lichtervoorde (NL) Zwarte Cross music festival 207, i-Puppets
12-16 Jul Certaldo (IT) Saurus & Wicca at ITF Mercantia Festival 2017
8 Jul Noordwijk (NL) BlueBirds at Cirque des Dunes 2017
7-9 Jul Bucharest (RO) streettheater festival FITB 2017, rebels (option)
7-9 Jul Deventer (NL) ActRed parade at Int. Street Theatre festival Deventer on Stilts
2-10 Jul Abakan (RU) White Wings at Tchir Tchayan, puppet theatre festival 
25 Jun Waspik (NL) Halve Zool festival, with BlueBirds & Coloured Wings
25 Jun Maasmechelen (BE) BlueBirds at streetartfestival Del Mundo
24 Jun Leuven (BE) BlueBirds at festival 'langste dag/longest day'
23-24 Jun Neuhausen ob Eck (DE) Saurus and i-Puppets at Southside festival 2017
23-24 Jun Scheessel (DE) i-Puppets at Hurricane festival 2017
22 Jun Den Helder (NL) Per-Q at Sail Den helder
11-13 Jun Voronezh (RU), Saurus at Platonov Festival
4 Jun Mainz (DE) Convoi Parade with flying birds at Open Ohr festival
3-5 Jun Siegen (Hilchenbach-Lützel) (DE) Saurus at festival KulturPur
2-5 Jun Dalfsen-Zwolle-Raalte (NL) streettheatrefestival Kunsten op straat 2017, Saurus & Fenix
27 May Villers-la-ville (BE) Saurus at Les Nuits du Cirque 
27 May Leeuwarden (NL) White Wings at Fryslan streettheatre festival 2017
20 May Makkum (NL) BlueBirds at the townboulevard (sea)
20-21 May Aarhus (DK) ILT Festival, Saurus
19 May Leiden (NL) museum night 2017, STX in the Royal Museum of Antiquities
15 May Lommel (BE) annual event 50 years Center Parcs, Birdmen (May 15th and 18th)
12 May Eindhoven (NL) 100 years Trudo (housing association) with I-Puppets and BlueBirds
7 May Mechelen (BE) Coloured Wings and drums at childrensfestival 'Mechelen kinderstad'
5-6 May Paris Eurodisney (FR) Walt Disney Studio area, i-Puppets  
1 May Genk (BE) O-parade 2017, BirdMen & BlueBirds
29 Apr Alkmaar (NL) SUITS at shopping night Alkmaar citycentre
22 Apr Murcia (ES) Spring festival Parade, Saurus at The Burial of the Sardine
16-17 Apr Jemappes (BE) Cavalcade de Quaregnon 2017, Saurus (sun.16) & BlueBirds (mon.17)
12 Apr Eindhoven (NL) opening explore lab of Fontys paramedical, i-Puppets
12 Apr Maastricht (NL Saurus at opening of the nature park ENCI marle grove 
8 Apr Hardenberg (NL) Per-Q at Hardenberg city center 2017
5 Mar Nijvel (BE) Saurus at theatrical city Carnavalparade
18-22 Feb Nice (FR) Saurus parade at Bataille de Fleurs and Corso Carnavalesque
5 Jan Madrid (ES) Kingsparade 2017, CWings and STX