Duality is a constant influence in the play.

The strictly disciplined forces with strange choreographic movements makes red characters walk into the right direction. These characters are sometimes pressed into a disciplined walk but much different. They look wild, even in synchrony they move wild, their voices sounds like animals waiting to escape. You feel a strong suspicion to all around. Sometimes (if looks they trust you) you feel a warm collaboration which is waiting to set off.

Although the strange movement and voices of the individuals the forces keep on pursuing them. This drumming and shouting force pushes and pushes.

Then few of the individuals try to escape. With large ropes they are cached and moved around.

(Also the whole audience is moved around)

This chaotic fight keeps build up to a climax of movement and fire but the end at the individuals are driven in to the centre.

Then a singer appears. It makes everybody freeze.

Slowly she enters and brings a slow movement into the crowd. Slowly the rhythm builds up and the individuals start to dance. This time it’s a sparkling and friendly dance. They bring everybody into a trance and also the force starts to move with them.

A synchronic dance with fire and flags ending in a big climax….

Then the parade sets of in a different way. A friendly and synchronic parade!